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Wednesday, August 27, 2014

dirty dibeling

We are in our second week of school now and I am feeling super excited about this year! We've played the gettoknowya games and are all "communitied-up" and ready for the year! So, what have we been up to?!!  A lot!

1.) I did another fingerprint tree (these are great keepsakes!) and made one for you to use as well (click below to grab this FREEBIE!):
2.) We went over our classroom rules (another FREEBIE!) and I framed this chalkboard classroom rules poster to coincide with my current chalkboard and burlap obsession:
3.) We arranged our desks into table groups and set up a reward system (this is super helpful if you can get peers to remind each other to be on-task---one less reminder from me is always a good thing!) and put it in my lil store as a FREEBIE for you!
4.) And one of the all time favorite games (my go-to for Sub Plans)...Coin War! Click below to download this FREEBIE!

5.) We are in our 6th year of PBIS, so I didn't waste any time introducing this Behavior Matrix (click below to check it out) and of course, Think Time (an integral part of our behavior system):
6.)  Soooo now we're on to assessments (side note---a friend of mine pointed out today that dibeling sounds like a dirty word...she's sooo right! doesn't it?!).  So, I got my Back to School Centers ready and after a quick intro to each one (I keep them in binders and put a binder at each table group of 4-5), the kids were eager to get goin and I was able to get a TON of assessments done (a teacher's dream, right?!)! Here's a sneak peek of a few of the math games they played today (sorry for the glare in some of protectors don't photograph well but they sure work well with dry erase markers!):

Click below to get a glimpse of what else we've been up to!

Sunday, August 24, 2014

just a freebie alert

Click below to grab my latest freebie! Please remember to be kind and leave feedback!

Friday, August 22, 2014

freebie and a chalkboard and burlap classroom...again

First week of school? Check. Great class? Check. I have a feeling this is going to be a GREAT year. Seriously. Maybe the best ever. Ever. I got bored watching a movie with Mr.Craftypants, so I made this little sign to go with my chalkboard and burlap decor. Click to download the FREEBIE!

Pretty pretty please be kind and leave feedback though!
Here's a peek at what my room looks like now....the inside is exactly the same as last year (you can see that post here).

I updated my hallway bulletin board to match my little decor thing going on...I found the white fabric roses and little wood chalkboard flags/jute string at JoAnns and used a liquid chalk marker to write student names. 
As you can see, I left up my schedule, chalkboard quote globe, turn-in box and burlap bulletin border, but it appears I need to tighten up the fabric backing of our word wall :) I'll get right on that #promisespromises
And I framed this printable (that's not burlap--it's digital burlap paper...yes!) I made to go outside the room:
I'm finally embracing my boring self and although I really like seeing so many colorful and bright classrooms, this is really my style at home, so why not bring it to work? I'm there We'll see if it stays up and for how long...who knows! If you are wanting a chalkboard theme room, click below to check out what I used:

Check out the linky below for more classroom makeover ideas!

Tuesday, August 19, 2014

tomorrow is the big day...and a winner :)

I just finished setting up my classroom and PHEW...just in time! My back is aching and my feet are GINORMOUS...pregnancy related or not. But, I was able to get this bad boy laminated and posted just in time! We are a PBIS school and to be honest, I HATED the one I put up for the last 5 years. So, I made my own with my own clipart and like it so much better.  In case you also need a behavior chart or display matrix, I turned it into a packet so you can create your own if you are so inclined :)  Click below to check it out!

And MY $50 Tongass giveaway is over! Thank you to everyone who participated...make sure you snag that exclusive Fan Freebie on my Facebook page before it's gone!

Kelly--congratulations and check your email!

Wish me luck tomorrow....22 second graders are headed to me and I couldn't be more thrilled to see what this year brings!

Wednesday, August 13, 2014

clipart freebie!

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Tuesday, August 12, 2014

$50 in Tongass Bucks

So, living in a temperate rainforest can be nice. It can also be very rainy. VERY. As in about 230 days out of the year, it's raining. About 62 inches a year.

So...let's have a MAKE IT RAIN giveaway! Use the handy dandy Rafflecopter below to enter and I'll choose a winner to receive $50 worth of products (including clipart!) from my Teachers Pay Teachers store.  Good luck!

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Monday, August 4, 2014

the sale and new freebies!

Just popping in to make sure you know...TpT has an annual Back to School Sale to help get yo' shop on....ya heard?!  I made this cute little ad for just the occasion :)
And, just in time for my new school year to start (I have about a week before I'm back in the classroom), I created these Back to School Math and Literacy Centers!  If you're like me, you end up having to do a ton of 1-1 assessments with your students right away (i.e. "Did your teacher last year really mark you at that reading level?! I need to verify this for myself....") and need the rest of your class to sit down and shut up be occupied so you can quickly and quietly get things done. Enter my new lifesaver:

Last year, the random holiday/assessment times I pulled out centers (we mainly stick to our reading program), I figured out that I prefer binders over tubs/buckets/whathaveyou.  I just stick the master in the clear front pocket and the rest inside (sometimes I remembered to hole punch on the copier, other times I just stuck them in the pocket part of the binder).  If the center had cards or other parts, I put them in ziplocs or in a binder zipper pouch.

Here's an example of what I mean (using these Iditarod centers):

I used my Teacher Binder Essentials all year last year and looooved it! I think I'll be binding it at OfficeMax this year (have you ever done this? let me know how it went!):

If you haven't seen my classroom remodel from last year where I used this Chalkboard decor and first day set up using play-doh, check it out here!

And a FREEBIE roundup! Click below to grab these goodies that are perfect for back to school! Some of these are new, and some are just updated :) PLEASE BE KIND AND TIP YOUR SERVER LEAVE FEEDBACK...I worked hard on all of these and really appreciate you taking the time!

And in case you're in the market for clipart...each of these individual bundles will be on sale (along with a bunch of others) as well!

Happy shopping friends!

Sunday, July 27, 2014

black, yellow and grey

When we found out we were expecting baby #2 a few months ago, we knew we had to move Cheeks into the 3rd bedroom sooner rather than later. When we moved in, the room had purple colored plywood walls (what?!) and blue carpet. Over the past year or so, I've written about this very slooooow room remodel and decorating here and here.  So, with new sheetrock and the same flooring we had throughout the house, we decided on grey walls (and yellow accents to brighten it up a bit).

Assess the situation...blegh!

A lot of improvements later (including wiring electricity to the room so we could put a light in the ceiling)..

and the finishing decor and furniture touches!
One of the first things we did after the basics were finished was hang a curtain rod, some venetian blinds and this valance (from this shop on Etsy)

I put this bookshelf/bench together #nearlybrokemytoe We picked up this cute little rocking chair at a garage sale last summer.

The dresser is a Craigslist find (huge score actually) and the laundry basket I settled on is from Walmart. We don't have an Ikea here, but I ordered these Ikea spice rack shelves off of Amazon and painted them white...perfect book shelves!

This toddler bed was blonde wood until I painted it a shiny black to match the room.

 I ordered a matching blanket and pillowcase from this shop on Etsy.
 I took a frame I already had and put in a FREE You Are My Sunshine printable I found here

I bought this circle mobile from this shop on Etsy and carefully painted the blonde wood black (can you tell I like things to match?!)

I gave my little brother the task of creating a canvas for the room and this is what he came up with. That's sheet music on there :)

Aaaand I'm not sure what's up with the color of the walls here...they're grey though #dontyouworryyourprettylilhead

Much better, right?

So, did you see that ottoman next to the bed? We figured we needed somewhere to sit when we read bedtime stories. I found an old ottoman at a garage sale last summer and it sat in the garage all year. Once the school year was over, I was able to tackle this bad boy! Unfortunately, I forgot to take before photos...but, just imagine an ugly ottoman and you'll do fine.

Step 1: Mr.Craftypants took the wood bottom off and sanded it a bit. I painted it black to match the room.

Step 2: decide on a fabric...we went with the black

Step 3: staple new fabric onto top of ottoman plywood

Screw the new top back on and voila! 

We still have 1 more piece of furniture to paint, but I'll save that for another Monday Made It post...probably next summer haha!

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